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Trusted by Millions of Professionals Worldwide.

Kirman Stuart

PGD from ProfQual gives me 3 things: Global Certificate, Practical oriented Learning, Affordable Degree

Amanita Samuda

Post Graduate Diploma in HRM by ProfQual is highly practical focused. I have learnt more than my MBA program

Robert Brown

ProfQual qualification is highly praised by the corporate world in Romania


ProfQual UK-based Qualification Awarding Body

Millions of Professionals trusted us because of:

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UK-standard Qualification

ProfQual Qualifications is a UK standard Qualification​

Value Proposition​

ProfQual accreditation ensure a Value Proposition for Centres

100% Trusted​

ProfQual-approved the trust centre can acquire from learners

Industry Requirement

ProfQual Qualifications meet the Industry Standard

Professional Certificatio

ProfQual Professional Certification ensures Professionalism in Learning & Application​

Value for Money

ProfQual is the name of Quality, Recognition, Professionalism and Value for Mone

Value Proposition

ProfQual accreditation ensure Value Proposition for Centres​

UK-standard Qualification​

ProfQual Qualifications is a UK-standard Qualification

ProfQual - Complete Solutions for Institute and Learner

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Features & Benefits

ProfQual provides Accreditation support towards education institutes/ training centres/ and Business Schools for their own courses.
ProfQual accreditation depends on Industry-specific curriculum, application-based learning tools, and Competency-based assessment tools..
Due to standardized quality education, UK standard qualification, and competentency- based assessment, ProfQual accredited courses are acceptable worldwide.
ProfQual accredited courses are trusted by millions of professionals from different disciplines across the globe.
ProfQual assures UK-standard qualification with very affordable fees based on the motto: Standard Qualification for all.
All Accredited Centres/ Institutes by ProfQual can increase their visibility in their own arena by providing ProfQual-accredited Courses.
All Accredited institutes can use the accreditation logo for the program in promotional materials and certificates.

CEO's Message


ProfQual, registered with Govt of the United Kingdom, is a self-regulated qualification awarding body for higher education. ProfQual started its journey with the vision of ‘Quality Education for All’. Both Academic Education and Professional Education are equally important to become successful in the professional ladder. Academic Qualification creates the foundation whereas Professional Qualification develops the competencies required for a different layer of the professional career.

ProfQual is committed to quality in academic and professional education and simultaneously works to ensure Education for all at affordable cost. A big part of the total population is not equally capable to avail quality education due to premium pricing. ProfQual is an example of breaking the rules. The Qualifications awarded by ProfQual through a comprehensive assessment and validation are well accepted by corporates across the globe.

ProfQual validates education institutes, Training Institutes & Professional Education providers and also validates their courses through a comprehensive assessment. ProfQual is committed to support its partner organizations, approved centres, and qualified students to protect their interests and accelerate their success. ProfQual is trusted by professionals because ProfQual combines Quality with Affordability.

Mr Eckhon Ardito Asuncion Malig
Chief Executive Officer